We're Mikkeller NYC - what does that mean?

We're a group of the coolest people you've never had the pleasure of meeting. Oh yeah, we also brew beer. You know, beer, from that kegger that no one came to, what you crack open at the end of a long day, what you shotgun to impress the ladies, happy hour with those coworkers you hate, you're go to at any good Brooklyn dive bar.

Now let's get to know the people behind the beer, here's 10 question with the folks at MKNYC.

1. What do you do at Mikkeller NYC?

"Wizard of Finance" — Megan, she crunches those pesky numbers

"Brewer, cellarman, tinkerer, fancy janitor, wild goose wrangler"— Scott, he helps brew the good stuff

"Yell at people for not doing their jobs effectively, lol jk Im the Kitchen Manager. (Close Enough) — Katie F., kitchen manager extraordinaire

2. Which MKNYC brew is your favorite?

"The one in front of me" — Richie, Head Brewer

"Oatis, My Man"

— Jim, EVP & avid TLA user

— Ariel, assistant brewer

— Hannah, Director of Ops.

"Ivan Ramen To BiIru is quickly becoming my go-to beer. With or without ramen." — Tomas, CMO

3. What's your most prized possession?

"My bike. It's a steel frame bike that's great for city riding, gravel, and touring/camping in any weather." — Katie C., brewer of the beer

"My Grandmothers ballroom dancing shoes." — Ariel, assistant brewer

"My New York Mets 2015 National League Championship ring, from a previous life." — Joel, brewer at a brewery where the Mets play (how fitting)

4. Shower beer or train beer?

"Shower – hands down. Followed by towel time beer depending on the kind of day I've had." — Megan

"Is bath beer an option?" — Hannah

"How bout the recliner beer?" — Katie F.

5. Favorite restaurant in NYC and favorite dish there?

"Joe's Pizza (Carmine St.). Fresh mozz slice." — Jim

"Win Son, a Taiwanese spot in East Williamsburg. Never have had anything twice and love it all." — Scott

"SriPraPhai in Woodside. Whole fried fish with chili, garlic & basil sauce" — Alex, GM

"Four & Twenty Blackbirds Salty Honey Pie. Probably because I got to meet their beekeeper and her bees the day I first tried this pie as a part of a block party and stoop sale." — Katie C.

6. If you could get a beer with anyone, living or dead, who would it be? Why? What kind of beer would they order?

"I'd like to take RBG out – ask her about perseverance, crushing in a male-dominated industry, and her work out routine. She'd get a 4oz pour of a dark lager – something serious and robust but not too boozy." — Megan

"W.A. Mozart... The dude loved to party. He would probably be drinking Doppelbock considering he was Viennese and trying to rage." — Scott

"Jeff Bridges in character as The Dude / Jeffery Lebowski. For obvious reasons. If he was drinking beer it be a light European lager of some kind, but realistically, he'd order a White Russian." — Alex

7. Best concert you've ever been to?

"Phish 12/31/99 @ Big Cypress" — Jim

"Beastie Boys @ Summer Stage 2007" — Tomas

"David Byrne and St. Vincent – Williamsburg Waterfront – 09/29/2012" —Megan

8. If you could have any superpower what would it be?

"The ability to turn literally anything into hot dogs. Hot dogs or Cheetos. Now that I think about it I'm leaning more toward Cheetos, they're so good." — Tomas

"The ability to talk to dogs." — Joel

"Teleportation, if only to avoid rush hour on the subway" — Hannah

9. If your personality was a beer style what would you be?

"Don't put a label on me, baby. I am large, I contain multitudes. No can can contain me." — Hannah

"An overly hopped Gose - tart, bitter, and salty" — Joel

"A cask ale. Tepid. Mostly flat. Hilarious." — Tomas

10. Favorite thing to do in NYC?

"a) A day spent on a blanket in Prospect Park. b) Drag shows. c) Dancing to trash pop." — Hannah

"Walk around while drinking coffee" — Jim, a transplant New Yorker but adapting quickly

"Bike ride along the Hudson, all the way from south to north, and up and over the George Washington Bridge followed by recovery beers." —Megan