Because beer is an equal opportunity beverage, here are 7 beer loving women to checkout on Instagram.


With a bio that includes the line "whatever I'm getting cheese fries", @isbeeracarb is probably the most relatable person on this list. Run by San Diego local lady brewer Megan, @isbeeracarb's feed contains beer reviews, Megan's experiences working at a brewery, and just the right amount of dogs. Pass the cheese fries, please.


The woman behind @48beerproject, Heidi Geist, aspires to visit 48 states in one year's time-- all while doing 48 works of art at 48 different breweries. As of February 2019, her project is half way finished, but there are still many states Geist has yet to visit (who else needs a nap just thinking about this?). Any ways, you can check out where @48beerproject will be next here.


Started by friends Rachel and Vicky, @webikeforbeer is all about beer, bikes, and breweries in the San Diego, California, area. Welcome to the Geographical Location Envy club, friends #IsItSummerYet?


Black Star Line brewery is the first black, queer, female-owned brewery in the US. Founded by L.A. McCrae in 2018, it was originally located in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Sadly, in early 2019, the brewery was shut down due to racist threats and less than transparent business deals that ultimately crippled their financial viability. Black Star Line is currently looking for a new and safer location to call home and hopes to be back in business soon.

McCrae's presence in the craft beer industry is an important one that provides some much needed diversity and a safe community for all beer lovers. @blackstarlinebrewing has not posted new content since the new year, but this is probably not the last time we will hear from L.A. McCrae and Black Star Line Brewery.


For those beer loving foodies that can't cook worth shit but like to torture themselves with food porn, say hello to @nomsandbeer. Run by a woman named Michelle, @nomsandbeer showcases food and brews from the Hudson valley with a good quantity of drool-inducing photos. Case in point: the second photo on this list-- a hot curry and Thai chili pepper infused waffle sandwich with fried chicken coated in a spicy peanut sauce and topped with cabbage, basil and carrot slaw dressed with sesame oil, rice vinegar and sesame seeds. Road trip to Hudson Valley, anyone?


Although not specific to beer, it is this author's humble opinion that @drinkingwithchickens deserves a seat at the table. Why? Because chickens and alcohol.