The best breweries in NYC are only a hop, skip, and jump away. Here are the top five reasons to start checking them out.

There are a Ridiculous Amount of Breweries 

Although there are some annoying things about living in the city (hello, cost of living), one thing nobody can complain about is the amount of amazing breweries in NYC. From tiny craft locales to much larger operations, there's something in this city for everyone-- even you pilsner-philes out there.

Breweries Offer up Opportunities to Explore New Places

Jeffrey Swanson

New York City is big. Like, stupid big. If you live and work in one neighborhood it can seem like a hassle to leave your little bubble when you have your fave restaurants, watering holes, etc. already staked out. However, it becomes much easier to motivate yourself to get out to a new place when there's some craft brews waiting for you at the end of your journey. Explore a new area and try some new fantastic brews? Win win.

The Events

Mikkeller art baseball player

What's better than just having a beer? Having a beer while doing something cool. Sports, live music, perusing art, whatever-- it doesn't really matter what it is, but there's a 10/10 chance that the experience will be greatly enhanced by beer. Most breweries in NYC hold events, although, not trying to toot our own horn here, the fact that Mikkeller is right next to Citi Field pretty much guarantees a good time. It's pretty damn awesome, if we do say so ourselves. *toot*

The Food

The best breweries in NYC also boast some of the best food in NYC. Here at Mikkeller we have menus put together by Claus Meyer and burger shop Whitmans (SO good), but each brewery has a different vibe and caters to different tastes. Whatever floats your boat, though, you can find it at a brewery (and beer makes everything taste better, too).

The Art

Beer, the beverage, is cool. It always has been, and, if there is a god, it always will be. But the label on those beers? They haven't always been quite so cool. That is changing, however, now that we are in the era of Instagram. Showcasing the beverages you're drinking on social media has become more popular than ever, and breweries have responded by stepping up their game in the art department. Amazing beer label art can now be found on many craft brews-- just check out this profile on our own artist, Keith Shore. Even though the point of beer as a beverage is obviously to drink it, it doesn't hurt to hold an actual work of art in your hand while doing so.